Untitled Document The purpose of this page is really, REALLY simple:

The Angel of St. Thomas webcomic has no religious connotations whatsoever. None are intended; none are implied; and none should be inferred.

The name is a matter of happenstance. St. Thomas is, of course, the name of the island upon which much of this fantasy occurs. And while the island was indeed named after the Saint Thomas, that's pretty much the end of it.

The "Angel" portion is what the people of these islands call their appointed guardian and protector. With a role similar in some way to real angels, it was probably an inevitable naming.

The logo - which is the title superimposed over angel wings - is the result of the naming given this specially gifted guardian, and is not in any way designed or intended to convey that the characters are actual angels.

If you put these things together, like we did in the title, I can well imagine that the internet search engines will return some false positives for people looking for information on real angels and on the real Saint Thomas. This page is for them.

DISCLAIMER: This web comic, The Angel of St. Thomas, is not a religious comic, nor will it ever be. It is 100% secular, intended for enjoyment.

If you're curious to know:

  • Pete is a devout Christian and speaking only for himself, not presuming to speak for either Steve or BattleAngel.
  • The "Angels" in my story universe have absolutely no basis or connection with reality.
  • Angels - those beings confirmed in righteousness by God at Creation - truly exist, but NOT in this comic.
  • Real angels are exactly what God tells us they are; messengers and servants of the Lord.

If you'd like to know more about real angels and God, I would invite you to visit http://wels.net. It is a comprehensive site that will answer all your questions.

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News entry for Friday, September 17th, 2010

Sorry guys, but Celeste is taking this week off. Our favorite time-traveling pirate is ready and rarin' to go, but the fact is the creator/writer is just plain bummed out. I'm sure I don't have to go into reasons why.

Anyway, just let me get my batteries and enthusiasm for the project recharged and we'll pick it up next week, okay?

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