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Here it is, folks. THE granddaddy of all web comics. The loving effort of consummate cartoonist Bill Holbrook, Kevin & Kell has posted without fail since it first started over twelve years ago.
In a predator-eat-prey world, where discrimination is not restricted to just diet, a rabbit and a wolf meet online, then for real, and get married. Along with their three children (an adopted hedgehog, a wolf from a previous marriage and their own toddler, a carnivorous bunny), The Dewclaw family takes the world in stride and gives it a spin of their own; one that sends intolerance flying in retreat.
Format: Full color; print comic strip format.
Posting: Flawless Reliability; 7 days/week.
Archive: 3000+ comics, starting with #1 in Sep, 1995.
Rating: Light PG
Site/Patron Bonuses: Individual strip support, FAQ,  generous and creative patron plans, patron special strip appearances, character blog journal.
Merchandise: Commisions, Books, t-shirts, dice pouches, games and other items..

One of most reliable and enjoyable comics on the web.  Creator/artist/storyteller Isabel Marks bring us the non-normal lives of normal people. Humorous, touching, endearing and memorable, NamirDeiter is a comic of the sweet - and sometimes bittersweet - adventure that is in everyday life.
Format: Full color; print comic strip format
Posting: Extremely Reliable; 5-7 days/week.
Archive: 1900+ comics, starting with #1 in Nov, 1999.
Rating: Light PG
Site/Patron Bonuses: Five day posting increased to seven, online libraries, hundreds of wallpapers, numerous short stories, author comments, Patron site. (
Merchandise: Books, t-shirts, occassional other items.

The second of the three regular ND Universe web comics, while the strip may look very similar to Namir Deiter, the feel is very different. A continuation of Terrence's Unlike Minerva (2001-2003), You Say It First is the husband/wife teamup of Terrence and Isabel Marksa that looks at the relationship of a young couple who should have no reason on Earth to be in love with each other, but are. Somewhat racier than Namir Deiter, the comic hits home in so many ways, leaving its fast-paced humorous imprint on any who've lived on their own and wondered how things could get any worse.
Or how things could be any better.
Format: Full color; print comic strip format
Posting: Extremely Reliable; 4-6 days/week. (not Saturday)
Archive: 1000+ comics, starting with #1 in Feb, 2004.
Rating: PG to Light PG-13
Site/Patron Bonuses: Four day posting increased to six, online libraries, dozens of wallpapers, numerous short stories, author comments, Patron site. (
Merchandise: Books, t-shirts, occassional other items.

Ash is a gearhead, pure and simple. A typical high school boy, if he's not grabbing his car's shift stick, he's grabbing his... well...
That is, until a doped up angel in heaven carelessly shoved Ash's  life file into the Girl file cabinet and Ash lost one of his sticks.
Now the angel is exiled on Earth, trying to set things right, though nowhere near as quickly as the now-girl Ash wants him.  And to complicate things further, Ash's friend Emily - who lost two years of her life in the same misfile incident - is maybe becoming more than just a friend. What's a boy-girl to do?
Format: Pencil; print comic book format
Posting: Extremely Reliable; 5 days/week.
Archive: 825+ comics, starting with #1 in Mar, 2004.
Rating: PG-13
Site/Patron Bonuses: Bonus art work, Monthly Pin, forum, on-site artist blog.
Merchandise: Books, t-shirts, commissions, plushies.

Epic Fail Banner
A newer comic that posts once a week, the art needs a little time to grow on you, but the story starts off at a fast pace and continues without letup. A lot of fun and an easy read. (So far... there are hints of some really interesting story lines opening up.) Definitely NOT your mom's D&D group.

To put it simply, if you have a problem with Candi, then you're the one with the problem.
Friends to a wide variety of college roommates and their friends, and owner of a telepathic, flying ferret the squirrel mafia wants dead, Candi is the calm in everyone's lives; the touchstone who is sadly taken for granted sometimes.
But her optimistic, make-everyone-happy, outlook on life does come with a price, for there's a touch of the real life to Candi, and this young artistic woman has much more to her character than a cheerful personality.
Format: Full color; print comic strip format
Posting: Extremely Reliable; 4 days/week. (M,Tu-Th,F)
Archive: 500+ comics, starting with #1 in June, 2004.
Rating: PG-13
Site/Patron Bonuses: Wallpaper, free eBooks, forum, animations, gallery, on-site artist blog.
Merchandise: Currently none.

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"Okay... this one year at Band Camp..."
And so begins Anne Onymous' new life as a witch. Not just any witch, but a wotch, with adventures aplenty, ka-changes galore, and dangers most foul and varied. Not to worry! Anne's closest friends - and even an occasional mentor, genie, or even rival, are there to help her keep the world safe from... lot of things.
The Wotch is summed up best as one of those favorite things in life that, if asked specifically why it was a favorite thing, you'd be stuck for an answer. Probably the closest you could come to an explanation is the The Wotch is the right combination of many things; that happy formula of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Ka-read it now!
Format: Full color; print comic book format
Posting: Reliable; Once/week (Tuesday) during a brief hiatus. Normally 3 days/week (M-W-F)
Archive: 850+ comics, starting with #1 in Nov, 2002.
Rating: PG
Site/Patron Bonuses: Wallpaper, forums, Wotchipedia, donation animation, artist/writer blogs,
Merchandise:  Wotch Figurines, coffe mugs, mousepads, posters, t-shirts, baseball caps, The Wotch watch.

In many ways, Sam and Alex opened up far more than a new universe when they were transported from our Earth into another dimension where humans don't exist; thus turning them into centaurs. They also opened the door for a dizzying cross-connection into other web comics, including The Wotch and Crossworlds, while also giving us a wise-cracking genie named... Lenny.
While the strip's creator John Lotshaw takes occassional hiatus from the mythopomorphic comic, he always comes roaring back, ready to plow into another detailed and engaging chapter of this forward moving strip.
Format: Full color; print comic strip & book format.
Posting: Reliable; varied schedule.
Archive: 500+ comics, starting with #1 in Jan, 2002.
Rating: PG-13
Site/Patron Bonuses: Interactive archives, forums, FAQ, patron bonus stories, artist blog, sketchbook.
Merchandise: Commissions, books, t-shirts, Christmas ornaments, original artwork

The brainchild of AoST's webmaster (and for what seems like half the other web comics out there) Thomas F. Revor, Jr, I'd put this link up if it were nothing more than chicken scratches talking about the price of corn in Iowa.
But with Thom's writing creativity and Darin Brown's extraordinary artistry, it's a long way from chicken scratches. And a long way from our universe. Set in John Lotshaw's Accidental Centaurs universe, this newly minted mythopomorphic tale occurs on a world of magic and might that is populated by a lot of interesting races, friends and relatives fighting and living to make their town of Crossworlds a better place.
Format: Full color; print comic book format.
Posting: Curretnly on long hiatus.
WAS Extremely Reliable; Three days/week. (T-Th-S)
Archive: 40+ comics, starting with #1 in Aug, 2007.
Rating: PG-13
Site/Patron Bonuses: Commissions, patron giveaways, comprehensive cast page, forums,.
Merchandise: None at this time.


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News entry for Friday, September 17th, 2010

Sorry guys, but Celeste is taking this week off. Our favorite time-traveling pirate is ready and rarin' to go, but the fact is the creator/writer is just plain bummed out. I'm sure I don't have to go into reasons why.

Anyway, just let me get my batteries and enthusiasm for the project recharged and we'll pick it up next week, okay?

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