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It is here - for now - that we'll be proudly posting any fan art that readers submit to us. This could be art that falls under the heading of "canon friendly", or may be speculative or plain out and out fantasy. We look forward to seeing what you've thought up!

Oh... there's a definition of what you can do with fan art at the bottom of the page. It's in smaller print to save space, but it is important. If you follow what's written there, you'll be just fine. For up here, the quick rule is: Keep fan art within the spirit and rating of the Angel of St Thomas web comic.

Files up to 200Kb will be shown in full size. Files larger than that will be "thumbnailed".  Once we've gotten sufficient art posted, we'll shift over to a gallery.

Oh... and Fan Fic writers: We'll set up a Library once we start getting fan fic submissions.


AUGUST 18, 2008: "Misfiled Carlita" by Chris Hazelton

And here's one from somebody whose art you may recognize: Bill Holbrook

Our first "entry" is from our own inker, Lily:    Carlita by Lily

What can a fan artist legally do with fan art?
In the strictest, legal sense the answer is kinda harsh: Nothing that the original artist(s)/creator(s) who own the rights to the character hasn't explicitly allowed. For instance, Pete owns all rights to the Carlita character: Steve owns no rights. But Steve owns the rights to the image of Carlita and related drawings, as permissions have been given by me. Therefore, while I own the characters and story and Steve owns the images, we both share ownership of the Angel of St. Thomas web comic. Confused? I know I am.

Anyway... as the owners of the comic, Steve and I grant true fans the right to create and display images inspired by The Angel of St. Thomas web comic and its related images and story provided: (1) The image is an original. AND (2)The image reflects the spirit and rating of the web comic as decided by Pete and Steve. AND (3)No revenue is generated from the image(s). This includes selling the image, leasing or licensing it, or generating revenue by any other means. Exception: Original fan art that is NON-DIGITAL may be sold. This would mean non-digital paintings, non-digital drawings, and non-digital models. In other words, it must be real and it must be the original. And credit must be given to the original creators. ("Based upon The Angel of St Thomas web comic, Peter Prellwitz and Steve Bennett creators.")

The image may be displayed ONLY: (1)On the Angel of St. Thomas web site AND/OR; (2) No more than three other web sites and/or physical locations over which the fan artist has direct control. (Meaning they can at any time add or delete the image.)

The image may not be distributed without the expressed written permission of Pete Prellwitz and Steve Bennett.

The image may not be copied except for display purposes that meet the display criteria listed above. (The means there can never be more than five digital files: The original art in digital form, a copy on the AoST site, and three copies on display.)

We're not holding onto our rights because Steve and I are jerks. We encourage fan art and fan fic. But only in its truest sense. Being VERY experienced congoers, we've both seen some nasty stuff and flagrant abuse of so-called "fans" who are only out to make a buck on someone else's work. And that's just not right. And true fans will recognize that and respect the creators who have brought them something they enjoy.

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News entry for Friday, September 17th, 2010

Sorry guys, but Celeste is taking this week off. Our favorite time-traveling pirate is ready and rarin' to go, but the fact is the creator/writer is just plain bummed out. I'm sure I don't have to go into reasons why.

Anyway, just let me get my batteries and enthusiasm for the project recharged and we'll pick it up next week, okay?

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