Angel Family Tree

About the Angel Family Tree

The Angel family is presently composed of twelve generations, starting with Rupert and continuing unbroken through to Carlita and Francis. There were no Angels before Rupert, who himself was bestowed with abilities only as an adult. Amanda was the first person to the the Angel from birth.

Some interesting tidbits about the Angels:

  • All the children in each generation was an Angel, and they retained their abilities until they died.
  • Although there could be as many as eight or even ten Angels serving the Lesser Antilles, it was very rare for two Angels to have similar abilities at the same time.
  • Regardless of how many Angels are serving, they are all referred to as "The Angel"; the plural was not used.
  • Only the oldest surviving child carried the line and had children who were Angels. Younger siblings had normal children.
  • No Angel has a surname. Anyone who married an Angel dropped their surname.
  • The tree used to depict the Angel family tree is a Tamarind, which produces a versatile fruit and is native to the Virgin Islands.

What's Coming

We'll be adding mouse rollever access to Angel information. Then, for every month the comic reaches its donation goal, new information will be added, including:
  • A popup window with a quick overview of the Angel, with ability to click to access that Angel's main page.
  • Angel Biography, Vital Stats, Abilities and History
  • Angel Picture(s)
  • New Angels (there were 50+ Angels over the past 300 years!)
  • Links to related fanfic/fanart for each Angel (As submitted by fans.)
Additionally, new Angels and information will be added periodically as Carlita's story unfolds in the web comic and she talks about her relatives. In this graphic novel, for instance, Carlita will mention at least eight other Angels. And in the next graphic novel, she will be working with Angels from her distant past.

We will also be holding a number of the Angel spots open, to be filled by readers. We're still working out the best way to do this, but a few ideas are:
  • Random contest drawings from those who donate in a certain period.
  • A high level perk for a Patron.
  • An anniversary drawing for anyone who registers for free.
  • A writing/art contest
Anything and everything that happens here will be greatly enhanced by reader participation, interest and feedback. I have plenty - dozens - of stories to tell about the Angels and would like nothing better to tell them. And Steve and the AoST art team are standing at the ready (well, sitting, really) happy to bring to life your favorite characters and adventures.

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News entry for Friday, September 17th, 2010

Sorry guys, but Celeste is taking this week off. Our favorite time-traveling pirate is ready and rarin' to go, but the fact is the creator/writer is just plain bummed out. I'm sure I don't have to go into reasons why.

Anyway, just let me get my batteries and enthusiasm for the project recharged and we'll pick it up next week, okay?

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